Prepositions is the fourteenth skill in the language tree for Spanish and it teaches the learner about Spanish prepositional phrases such as: a (to, from) and bajo (under). There are three lessons in the prepositions section.

Grammar NotesEdit

The use of the partitive is a common grammatical mistake among learners of any Romance language, as nothing in English approximates it:

  • Del = de + el
  • Al = a + el

De means "of" and del means "of the." For example, el perro del niño is how you would say "the boy's dog." Whereas el perro de el niño is incorrect (because you must always combine de and el), el perro de la niña is correct (since there is no contraction for de and la).


Lesson 1 Edit

  • de = of
  • del = of the
  • en = in
  • entre = between
  • por = through
  • por qué = why
  • para = for
  • sobre = on

Lesson 2 Edit

  • sin = without
  • con = with
  • a = to
  • al = to the
  • durante = during
  • contra = against
  • hacia = toward

Lesson 3 Edit

  • bajo = under
  • cerca = near
  • según = according to
  • acerca (de) = about


Duolingo Lesson:

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