Verbs: Infinitive 1 is the twenty-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Spanish. It has a total of ten lessons and teaches infinitives for most verbs studied so far, and introduces a few new ones.


Lesson 1 Edit

  • tener que = to have to

Lesson 2 Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 3 Edit

  • repetir = to repeat

Lesson 4 Edit

  • despertar = to wake up (irregular)
  • alquilar = to rent
  • pesar = to weigh
  • a pesar de = despite

Lesson 5 Edit

  • realizar = to carry out

Lesson 6 Edit

  • mantener = to support, to hold

Lesson 7 Edit

  • conseguir = to obtain (irregular)
  • obtener = to obtain (irregular)
  • lograr = to achieve

Lesson 8 Edit

  • cambiar = to change
  • establecer = to establish (irregular)

Lesson 9 Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 10 Edit

  • morir = to die
  • resolver = to solve
  • producir = to produce


Duolingo Lesson:

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