Verbs: Infinitive 2 is the forty-third (assuming read left to right) skill in the Spanish language tree. It has a total of ten lessons and teaches the infinitive form of many of the verbs that you have seen for the past several skills.


Note that because most of the verbs in these lessons have already been taught elsewhere, only new verbs are listed.

Lesson 1Edit

  • explicar = to explain
  • comprender = to understand
  • participar = to particpate

Lesson 2Edit

  • actuar = to act
  • formar = to form

Lesson 3Edit

  • desarrollar = to develop

Lesson 4Edit

  • aumentar = to increase
  • comprobar = to set

Lesson 5Edit

  • observar = to observe

Lesson 6Edit

No new words.

Lesson 7Edit

  • matar = to kill
  • analizar = to analyze

Lesson 8Edit

  • subir = to go up
  • iniciar = to begin
  • definir = to define
  • colocar = to put

Lesson 9Edit

  • aparecer = to appear
  • cubrir = to cover
  • asumir = to assume
  • atender = to serve

Lesson 10Edit

  • sufrir = to suffer
  • impedir = to avoid
  • eliminar = to remove
  • existir = to exist
  • romper = to break


Duolingo Lesson:

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