Verbs:Phrasal Future Tense is the thirty-first (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Spanish. It contains ten lessons and teaches a simple future tense often used in conversation.

Grammar NotesEdit

This tense in Spanish uses the verb ir (to go) as an auxiliary, just like "will" is used as an auxiliary in English. Since ir has an irregular conjugation, here it is:

Pronoun ir
yo voy
él/ella/usted va
nosotros/nosotras vamos
vosotros/vosotras vais
ellos/ellas/ustedes van

To form the tense, use the correct conjugation for ir, add a and then add the infinitive of the verb.

  • Voy a lograr.
  • Él va a realizar eso.


Lesson 1Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 2Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 3Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 4Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 5Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 6Edit

No new verbs.

Lesson 7Edit

  • reducir = to reduce
  • olvidar = to forget
  • escuchar = to listen

Lesson 8Edit

  • superar = to surpass

Lesson 9 Edit

  • elegir = to choose
  • recuperarse = to recover
  • descubrir = to find
  • aplicar = to apply
  • demostrar = to demonstrate
  • controlar = to control

Lesson 10 Edit

  • defender = to defend
  • vender = to sell


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