This page lists some troubleshooting advice for mobile devices.

Mobile application is in the wrong languageEdit

If the app's interface language does not match the base language of the course you are taking, it is possible that your device's language settings do not match your course's base language. You will need to change your device's language settings to fix this.

Changing iOS (Apple) language settings:Edit

  1. In iOS7 or later, go to Settings > General.
  2. Click "International". 
  3. Click "Language", select "English", click "Done".

If your display language has not changed inside of the app, you'll want to close the app completely and then open it. You can do this by double tapping the Home button, then as the line-up of apps appears, drag the Duolingo program up to the top of the screen until you can flick Duolingo up and out of the screen. This will close the app. Finally, click on the Duolingo app to open it. The website should now appear in English.

  • If that doesn't work or you are already in English settings, try changing your language to something else and then back to English.
  • Make sure that the device screen goes dark and says that it is changing the language to the alternative you've just picked. Everything on your device should be in the other language at that point.

Note: It's best to navigate to another language you know or are at least familiar enough with to find your way back. I can always walk you through the instructions for an device set to Spanish if need be though. See below:

Apple device in Spanish

  1.  Ajustes > General.
  1. Click "International". 
  1. Click "Idioma", select "English"
  1. Click "OK".

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