Aorist is the forty-seventh skill (assuming read left to right) in the Turkish language tree. It has a total of three lessons and teaches a common verb tense used in Turkish.

Grammar NotesEdit

The aorist tense is used when describing hobbies or habits, and rarely with regular statements.

It is formed using the stem of the verb plus an ending depending on the last letter:

Last letter Ending Example
Vowel -r + personal ending Ben isterim
Consonant (1-syllable) -Ar + personal ending Sen yazarın
Consonant (2-syllable) -Ir + personal ending Biz unuturuz

There are a few irregularities:

almak, bilmek, bulmak, durmak, gelmek, görmek, kalmak, olmak, ölmek, sanmak, vermek, vurmak -> take -Ir anyway.

gitmek, etmek, tatmak -> the second t turns into a d.


Lesson 1Edit

No new words

Lesson 2Edit

  • oynamak = to play

Lesson 3Edit

  • pişirmek = to cook
  • desteklemek = to support
  • tasarlamak = to design
  • göstermek = to show


Duolingo Lesson:

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