Basics is the first skill in the Turkish language tree. It has four lessons and teaches the basic words for pronouns, eating, and drinking. You will also understand Turkish word order, imperatives, and conjugation.

Grammar NotesEdit


Mainly that there are none. Sometimes bir will be placed in front of a noun to show that it is only "one" thing, but otherwise no articles are used in Turkish.

Word OrderEdit

Turkish is a Subject-Object-Verb (SOV) language, so that means the verb is at the end of a sentence.

  • O su içer. = he water drinks. -> he drinks water.

Verb TenseEdit

Be careful when translating as Turkish does have a continuous tense like English ("I am eating" as opposed to "I eat"). Until you learn that, stick to the habitual "I eat", "I read", etc.


Turkish has six different pronouns, but that's less than English! This is because Turkish does not differentiate between he, she, or it.

English Turkish English Turkish
I ben We biz
you (inf.) sen you (form./pl.) siz
he, she, it o they onlar


This is the command tense of a verb. You learn them in this skill because they will help with verb conjugation later

Dictionary verb (infinitive) English (infinitive) Turkish imperative English imperative
yemek to eat Ye! Eat!
içmek to drink İç! Drink!


Lesson 1Edit

  • elma = apple
  • su = water
  • bir = one
  • ekmek = bread
  • ye = eat
  • ve = and
  • = drink
  • veya = or

Lesson 2Edit

  • kız = girl
  • o = he/she/it
  • o yer = he/she/it eats
  • erkek = man
  • adam = man
  • o içer = he/she/it drinks
  • kadın = woman

Lesson 3Edit

  • sen = you (inf.)
  • sen içersin = you (inf.) drink
  • sen yersin = you (inf.) eat
  • çocuk = child
  • ben = I
  • ben yerim = I eat
  • ben içerim = I drink

Lesson 4Edit

  • biz = we
  • biz yeriz = we eat
  • biz içeriz = we drink
  • süt = milk
  • onlar = they
  • sandviç = sandwich


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