Family is the twenty-sixth skill in the language tree for Turkish. It has three lessons and teaches the words for various family members and other related words in Turkish.

Cultural NotesEdit

Family is very important to Turkish people, and so the words for various family relationships might seem a little specific to many people. For example, there are two words for aunt; one for one's father's sister, and another for one's mother's sister.


Lesson 1Edit

  • erkek kardeş = younger brother
  • kız kardeş = younger sister
  • anne = mother
  • baba = father
  • oğul = son
  • ail = family
  • abi = older brother
  • abla = older sister

Lesson 2Edit

  • dayı = uncle (mother's brother)
  • amca = uncle (father's brother)
  • teyze = aunt (mother's sister)
  • hala = aunt (father's sister)
  • koca = husband
  • karı = wife
  • eşi = spouse

Lesson 3Edit

  • anneanne = grandmother (mother's mother)
  • babaanne = grandmother (father's mother)
  • dede = grandfather
  • kuzen = cousin
  • evli = married (lit: with a house)
  • bekar = single
  • torunu = grandchild


Duolingo Lesson:

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