Questions 2 is the twenty-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Turkish language tree. It teaches how to use the particle mI- to form yes/no questions, as well as how to use the word yoksa

Grammar NotesEdit


Forming yes/no questions in Turkish requires a little particle called mI-. This particle obeys four-way vowel harmony and receives any "to be" endings in the sentence. If there is a verb in the sentence, mI- receives any endings on that instead:

  • Ben öğretmenim -> Ben oğretmen miyim?
  • Okula gidiyorsun -> Okula gidiyor musun?


Yoksa means "or" but can only have two options, unlike veya. Also, mI- has to be used with it, and it will follow the two options:

  • Türkçe veya İngilizce? (there could be more options); but
  • Ben Türkçe mi biliyorum, (yoksa) İngilizce mi? (it is either Turkish or English).


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