What's the Time? is the twenty-first skill in the language tree for Turkish. It has only one lesson and teaches how to ask for the time, as well as how to answer that question.

Grammar NotesEdit

We will be breaking this up into two sections because asking at what time something happens and asking the current time are quite different in Turkish.

What time is it?Edit

  • The question one would ask is Saat kaç?
  • If it on the hour, one would say (Saat) ... with the hour in the nominative; for example, "it is five o'clock" is (Saat) beş. Saying saat is optional here but required in all other cases;
  • If it is half past, add in buçuk after the hour; "it is half past six" is Saat altı buçuk;
  • If it a certain number of minutes past an hour, decline the hour number into the accusative case, add the number of minutes in the nominative, and add geçiyor at the end; as an example, "it is ten minutes past eight" is Saat sekizi on geçiyor;
  • If it a certain number of minutes to an hour, decline the hour into the dative case, add the number of minutes in the nominative, and add var at the end. For example, "It is fourteen minutes to ten" is Saat ona on dört var; and
  • Train stations, bus schedules and so forth will often just use the nominative for both the hour and the number of minutes past, i.e. Saat on iki kırk for "It is 12:40".
  • Extra Note: If one wishes, they can use çeyrek for a quarter of an hour.

At what time...?Edit

  • The question would be Saat kaçta ...?
  • If it is on the hour, decline the hour into the locative instead of the nominative, i.e. Saat onda for "at ten o'clock";
  • If it is half past, use the nominative for the hour and add buçukta; for example, "at half past two" is Saat iki buçukta; and
  • For minutes past/before, use the same as above except instead of geçiyor use gece and instead of var use kala.


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