Turkish for English is a Duolingo language course that teaches Turkish to speakers of English. It was released from the incubator in March 2015, becoming the first non-Romance, non-Germanic language taught on Duolingo.[1]

The course is one of the shorter courses on Duolingo, due to technical challenges associated with building courses for agglutinative languages in the incubator. Course contributor Selcen Öztürk hopes that the course will be expanded soon.[1]

Authors' notesEdit

Dear cool people waiting for the Türkçe course!

Our tree editor is here but we could not start creating the course yet. There are several technical problems which we hope that will be solved very soon. As Turkish grammar and sentence structure are very very different than English ...

Launch notes Edit

After only 42 days, Barış Obdan, Selcen Öztürk, Gülbin Yaşar, and Cansu Gör have completed the course to learn English from Turkish. We're impressed by the Turkish team's speed and determination, and hope that you join me in congratulating them. This is the third course to enter beta this month, and one that expands the boundaries of the types of languages we have in Duolingo. [2]


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