Adverbs 2 is the seventy-eighth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree and has three lessons. This skill teaches more adverbs and some more past tenses of common verbs like gwranda and the preposition am.

Grammar NotesEdit

Am is conjugated like many other prepositions, and is conjugated similarly:

English Welsh
for me amdana i
for you amdanoch chi
for you amdanot ti
for him amdano fe/fo
for her amdani hi
for us amdanon ni
for them amdanyn nhw


Lesson 1Edit

  • tynnais i = I pulled
  • dynn = tight
  • glir = clear
  • uchel = loud
  • canais i = I sang
  • cysgais i = I slept
  • sownd = sound
  • gwenais i = I smiled
  • arhosais i = I stayed

Lesson 2Edit

  • amyneddgar = patient
  • ymladdodd e/o/hi = he/she fought
  • dwer = brave
  • gadawodd e/o/hi = he left
  • ar frys = in a hurry
  • gwrandawodd e/o/hi = he/she listened
  • gwariodd e/o/hi = he/she spent (money)
  • treuliodd e/o/hi = he/she spent (time)

Lesson 3Edit

  • amdana i = for me
  • amdanat ti = for you
  • amdani hi = for her
  • amdano fe/fo = for him
  • amdanoch chi = for you
  • amdanyn nhw = for them
  • dilyn = to follow
  • cymharu = to compare


Duolingo Lesson:

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