Commands 1 is the forty-fourth skill of the language tree for Welsh. The skill has a total of three lessons and teaches the polite command forms for some verbs, many of which are new; more verbs, as well as the informal commands, are taught in Commands 2.

Grammar NotesEdit

There are two different kinds of commands. The first kind is the formal form, and it is taught in these lessons; the second, informal form is taught in Commands 2.

The formal command form is formed by taking the stem - that is, removing the final -a, -i, -o, -u, -eg, -ed, -an, -yd, or -yll - and adding -wch.


Lesson 1Edit

  • rhedeg = to run
  • peidiwch = don't

Lesson 2Edit

  • neuadd = hall
  • heibio = past
  • ewch = go (irregular)
  • trowch = turn
  • troi = to turn
  • dde = right
  • chwith = left
  • wrth = by

Lesson 3Edit

  • cylchdro = roundabout
  • goleuadau = lights
  • postio = to mail
  • dewch = come (irregular)
  • ar bwys = next to


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