Comparing 2 is the sixty-seventh skill in the language tree for Welsh. It contains a total of four lessons and teaches comparatives, words like "better" and "smaller".

Grammar NotesEdit

Comparatives are formed in two ways:

  • Adding -ach at the end of the adjective if it is short:
    • tal -> talach
    • gwlyb -> gwlypach
  • Adding mwy before the word if it is long (just like adding "more" in front of some longer English adjectives).


Lesson 1Edit

  • oerach = colder
  • sychach = drier
  • boethach = hotter
  • clyfar = clever
  • wlypach = wetter

Lesson 2Edit

  • dwpach = stupider
  • ifancach = younger
  • henach = older
  • dalach = taller

Lesson 3Edit

  • uwch = higher
  • llai = less
  • rhatach = cheaper
  • ddrutach = more expensive

Lesson 4Edit

  • yn dda am = good at
  • yn dda iawn am = very good at


Duolingo Lesson:

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