Comapring 3 is the sixty-eighth skill in the Welsh language tree, and it teaches the superlative form of adjectives with three lessons. The superlative is words like "best" or "most".

Grammar NotesEdit


Superlatives always use emphatic sentences (aka using yw or ydy) and end in -a (sometimes -af).


Both of these mean the same thing and replace bod in an emphatic sentence.


In an emphatic sentence, an adjective describing a feminine noun will undergo soft mutation.


Lesson 1Edit

  • gwaetha = worst
  • gorau = best
  • hyna = oldest
  • ifanca = youngest

Lesson 2Edit

  • taw/mai = that (see above)
  • byrra = shortest

Lesson 3Edit

  • mwya = most
  • doniol = funny


Duolingo Lesson:

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