Dialects is the seventeenth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree. The skill teaches the two major dialects, north and south, and words that they differ on.


For each pair, South Wales is listed first and North Wales is listed second.

Lesson 1Edit

  • bachgen/hogyn = boy
  • merch/hogan = girl
  • llaeth/llefrith = milk
  • nawr/rŵan = now
  • dach chi = you are (NW)

Lesson 2Edit

  • menyw/dynes = woman
  • e/o = he
  • yw e/hi = he/she/it is (SW)
  • dyw e/hi ddim = he/she/it is not (SW)

Lesson 3Edit

  • licio = to like (NW)
  • chdi = you (replacing ti) (NW)
  • shwmae/s'mae = hi, hello


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