Duration is the sixty-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It has seven lessons and teaches ordinal numbers (first, second, etc.), as well as how to describe something over time (using ers or am) and Welsh holidays.

Grammar NotesEdit

Simple Past of BodEdit

Bod has a special simple past tense used when describing specific lengths of time:

English Welsh
I was Bues i
You were Buest ti
You were Buoch chi
He/She was Buodd/Bu e/o/hi
We were Buon ni
They were Buon nhw

I have been here...Edit

Welsh uses the present tense for constructions like this.

Ordinal NumbersEdit

Here are the first thirty-one ordinal numbers. As you can see, they are based on the old vigesimal (base-20) system:

English Welsh English Welsh
first cystaf seventeenth ail ar byntheg
second ail eighteenth deunawfed
third trydydd nineteenth pedwerydd ar bymtheg
fourth pedwerydd twentieth ugeinfed
fifth pumed twenty-first unfed ar hugain
sixth chweched twenty-second ail ar hugain
seventh seithfed twenty-third trydydd ar hugain
eighth wythfed twenty-fourth pedwerydd ar hugain
ninth nawfed twenty-fifth pumed ar hugain
tenth degfed twenty-sixth chweched ar hugain
eleventh unfed ar ddeg twenty-seventh seithfed ar hugain
twelfth deuddegfed twenty-eighth wythfed ar hugain
thirteenth trydydd ar ddeg twenty-ninth nawfed ar hugain
fourteenth pedwerydd ar ddeg thirtieth degfed ar hugain
fifteenth pymthegfed thirty-first unfed ar ddeg ar hugain
sixteenth unfed ar bymtheg


Lesson 1Edit

  • o leia = at least
  • oriau = hours
  • sbel = a while
  • achau = ages
  • fan hyn = here

Lesson 2Edit

  • bues i = I was
  • pythefnos = fortnight (two weeks)
  • buoch chi = you were
  • buest ti = you were
  • buon ni = we were
  • buon nhw = they were
  • buodd e/o/hi = he/she was
  • cyfan = whole

Lesson 3Edit

  • fuest ti = were you
  • fuoch chi = were you
  • fues i = was I
  • fuodd e/o/hi = was he/she
  • fuon ni = were we
  • fuon nhw = were they

Lesson 4Edit

  • cyntaf = first
  • ail = second
  • trydydd = third
  • pedwerydd = fourth
  • pumed = fifth
  • chweched = sixth

Lesson 5Edit

  • unfed ar ddeg = eleventh
  • deuddegfed = twelfth
  • trydydd ar ddeg = thirteenth
  • deunawfed = eighteenth

Lesson 6Edit

  • unfed ar hugain = twenty-first
  • seithfed ar hugain = twenty-seventh
  • unfed ar ddeg ar hugain = thirty-first
  • ail ar hugain = twenty-second
  • ail ar bymtheg = seventeenth
  • Nadolig = Christmas

Lesson 7Edit

  • pumed ar hugain = twenty-fifth
  • Calan = New Year's
  • Dydd Santes Dwynwen = Saint Dwynwen's Day
  • Dydd Gŵyl Dewi = Saint David's Day
  • Noson Tân Gwyllt = Bonfire Night
  • cordon = card


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