Education 1 is the seventy-ninth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. This skill introduces the Welsh education system through a series of three lessons, and is continued in Education 2.

Cultural NotesEdit

Welsh schooling is divided into four major stages (called the Key Stages), named by number, much like education in the rest of the UK. This skill is concerned with the first two Key Stages (children aged 6-12), Cynfod Allweddol and the Foundation phase (3-6), Cynfod Sylfaen. Cynfod Sylfaen is concerned with preparing children for entry into later schooling (the last year of this phase is called Reception, Dosbarth Derbyn or Dderbynfa).

After that, children enter Key Stage 1, and after that Key Stage 2. In the Key Stages, the children are "encouraged to be creative and imaginative and learn by taking part in practical activities instead of working through exercises in textbooks."At the end of Key Stage 2, Welsh children do not have to take SAT's like other British schoolchildren.

This schooling can take place in different "mediums". Students can attend a Welsh-medium, an English-medium, or a bilingual school. Even in a Welsh-medium school, some classes will teach in English; similarly, in an English-medium school some classes are taught in Welsh.

Education in Wales is permitted to teach mostly local history, but British history becomes more predominant as they grow older.

The current system is currently being re-evaluated and a new curriculum could come into effect as early as 2018.


Lesson 1Edit

  • ysgol gynradd = primary school
  • addysg = education
  • cyfrwng = medium
  • Saesneg = English
  • uwchradd = higher education
  • ysgol gyfun = secondary school
  • bellach = further
  • gwaith cartref = homework

Lesson 2Edit

  • disgybl = pupil
  • ddisgyblion = pupils
  • gwers = lesson
  • athrawon = teachers
  • rhieni = parent
  • technegydd = technician
  • staff = staff

Lesson 3Edit

  • lefel = level
  • gradd = degree
  • gwersi = lessons, classes
  • pennaeth = head (of something)
  • Prifathro = head teacher
  • dderbynfa = reception
  • cyflawni = to complete


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