Emphasize 1 is the fifty-sixth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It contains three lessons. The main focus of the skill is using alternate word order in Welsh to show emphasis on a certain object.

Grammar NotesEdit

Sometimes in Welsh it is important to emphasize an object or subject. Because of this, there are some changes to word order so that this emphasized item comes first:

  • Athrawes yw Megan.
  • Dewi sy 'ma, hefyd.
  • Owen sy biau'r pensil.

The last uses the special verb biau (or piau) meaning "to own".


Lesson 1Edit

  • sy = is
  • ar hyn o bryd = at the moment
  • neges = message
  • eiliad = second
  • gateb = answer

Lesson 2Edit

  • problem = problem
  • cyfrifol = responsible
  • y tro nesa = next time
  • cyfarfod = meeting; to meet
  • dim ond = only

Lesson 3Edit

  • hwn/hon/hyn = this
  • hwnna/honna = that
  • biau = to own
  • rhywun = someone


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