Extend 2 is the fifty-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh language tree. It has four lessons and teaches more vocabulary words to increase your knowledge of Welsh.


Lesson 1Edit

  • dwy fil = two thousand
  • lori = truck
  • camera CCTV = CCTV camera
  • Bangor = Bangor

Lesson 2Edit

  • taflen = leaflet, brochure
  • taflenni = leaflets, brochures
  • gorffen = to finish

Lesson 3Edit

  • roi = to give
  • i bawb = to everyone
  • ffilmio = to film

Lesson 4Edit

  • i gyd = all
  • llawlyfr = handbook
  • pysgota = to fish
  • casglu = to collect
  • stampiau = stamps
  • doliau = dolls


Duolingo Lesson:

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