Favours is the fifty-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh language tree. It contains four lessons and teaches the future tense through the conjugation of gwneud, as well as "may" using cael.

Grammar NotesEdit

This is the conjugation for "to do":

English Welsh Statement Welsh Question Welsh Negative
I will Gwna(f) i Wna(f) i? Wna(f) i ddim
You will (inf. sing.) Gwnei di Wnei di? Wnei di ddim
You will (formal and/or plural) Gwnewch chi Wnewch chi? Wnewch chi ddim
He will Gwnaiff e/Gwneith o Wnaiff e/Wneith o? Wnaiff e/Wneith o ddim
She will Gwnaiff/Gwneith hi Wnaiff/Wneith hi? Wnaiff/Wneith hi ddim
We will Gwnawn ni Wnawn ni? Wnawn ni ddim
They will Gwnân nhw Wnân nhw Wnân nhw ddim

And this one is for "can/may":

English Welsh Statement Welsh Question Welsh Negative
I may Ca i Ga i? Cha i ddim
You may (inf. sing.) Cei di Gei di? Chei di ddim
You may (formal and/or plural) Cewch chi Gewch chi? Chewch chi ddim
He may Caiff e/Ceith o Gaiff e/Geith o? Chaiff e/Cheith o ddim
She may Caiff/Ceith hi Gaiff/Geith hi? Chaiff/Cheith hi ddim
We may Cawn ni Gawn ni? Chawn ni ddim
They may Cân nhw Gân nhw Chân nhw ddim


Lesson 1Edit

  • ddefnyddio = to use
  • gawn ni = will we
  • ffôn = phone
  • gair = word

Lesson 2Edit

  • gaiff e/o/hi = may he/she?
  • caiff e/o/hi = he/she may
  • gân nhw = may they
  • cân nhw = they may

Lesson 3Edit

  • wnewch chi = will you
  • agor = to open
  • ffenestr = window
  • wnei di = will you
  • llestri = dishes
  • pasio = to pass

Lesson 4Edit

  • baned o de = cup of tea
  • siocled poeth = hot chocolate
  • tynnu llun = to take a picture
  • gymryd negus = to take a message
  • gwna i = I will


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