Future 1 is the fifty-eighth skill in the Welsh language tree. The skill has three lessons. It teaches how to use the future tense in Welsh effectively, as well as the conditional tense.

Grammar NotesEdit

Future TenseEdit

The future tense in Welsh uses the future tense of bod along with the regular verb. The conjugation of bodin the future tense is as follows:

English Welsh statement Welsh question Welsh negative
I will Bydda i Fydda i? Fydda i ddim
You will Byddwch chi Fyddwch chi? Fyddwch chi ddim
You will Byddi di Fyddi di? Fyddi di ddim
He/She will Bydd e/o/hi Fydd e/o/hi? Fydd e/o/hi ddim
We will Byddwn ni Fyddwn ni? Fyddwn ni ddim
They will Byddan nhw Fyddan nhw? Fyddan nhw ddim


Using the future tense of the verb, the conditional can be constructed. All that you need to add is os ("if") to the beginning of the phrase. Os na(d) ("if not") is also common; ddim is not used in such a sentence.


Lesson 1Edit

  • yn bendant = definitely
  • na fydda = no, I will not
  • bydd e/o/hi = he/she will
  • os = if
  • adolygu = to revise

Lesson 2Edit

  • byddwn ni = we will
  • hedfan = to fly
  • gorwedd = to lie down
  • byddwch chi = you will
  • dosbarth = class

Lesson 3Edit

  • rhugl = fluent
  • enwog = famous
  • gyfoethog = rich
  • wyth gwrs = of course
  • byddan nhw = they will


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