Give Advice is the sixty-second (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It has four lessons and teaches the conditional tense, along with "should" and "could".

Grammar NotesEdit

Dylwn is the verb most often used to describe "should". It uses a particular conjugation:

English Welsh
I should Dylwn i
You should Dylech chi
You should Dylet ti
He/She should Dylai e/o/hi
We should Dylen ni
They should Dylen nhw

This conjugation can be applied to any verb, such as hoffi (hoffwn i, etc.)


Lesson 1Edit

  • dylet ti = you should
  • dylwn i = I should
  • dylech chi = you should
  • dylai e/o/hi = he/she should
  • dylen ni = we should
  • dylen nhw = they should
  • wir yr = honestly
  • ymlacio = to relax

Lesson 2Edit

  • ddylai e/o/hi = should he/she
  • ddylwn i = should I
  • ddylet ti = should you
  • gymaint = too much
  • roi'r garou = to give up

Lesson 3Edit

  • hoffwn i = I would like
  • hoffet ti = you would like
  • hoffen ni = we would like
  • rhan-amser = part-time

Lesson 4Edit

  • gallwn i = I could
  • gallet ti = you could
  • gallen nhw = they could
  • allet ti = could you
  • allwn i = could I
  • araf = slowly


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