Go & Come is the sixtieth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh with a total of four lessons. It teaches the future tense conjugation for "to go" and "to come", as well as reviewing the future tense for "to make/do" and "to allow."


Lesson 1Edit

  • a i = I will go
  • ei di = you will go
  • awn ni = we will go
  • ewch chi = you will go
  • ân nhw = they will go
  • aiff e/o/hi = he/she will go
  • Seland Newydd = New Zealand
  • Tseina = China

Lesson 2Edit

  • do i = I will come
  • doi di = you will come
  • daw e/o/hi = he/she will come
  • dôn nhw = they will come
  • down ni = we will come
  • dewch chi = you will come

Lesson 3Edit

  • peint o gwrw = pint of beer
  • glasied = glass
  • gwydraid = glasses

Lesson 4Edit

  • fuan = soon
  • tro = turn


Duolingo Lesson:

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