Greetings 2 is the second skill (assuming read left to right) of the Welsh language tree. This skill has two lessons, and it teaches the basics of Welsh grammar, as well as a few new words.

Grammar NotesEdit


Welsh generally has a verb-subject-object word order, but at times an emphasized object is placed at the beginning of the sentence. For example: Sioned dw i can only be in that order.


Unlike English, Welsh has two words for "you", chi and ti. This is similar to most other modern languages. Only chi is taught in this skill.

Asking a NameEdit

In Welsh, one can ask a name by asking "Who are you?" (Pwy dych chi?).


Lesson 1Edit

  • iawn = ok
  • diolch = thank you
  • dim diolch = no thank you
  • sut = how
  • dych chi = you are

Lesson 2Edit

  • gwych = great
  • yn well = better
  • wedi blino = tired
  • yn waeth = worse
  • pwy = who


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