Greetings 2 is the second skill (assuming read left to right) of the Welsh language tree. This skill has three lessons, and it teaches the basics of Welsh grammar, as well as a few new words

Grammar NotesEdit


Welsh generally has a verb-subject-object word order, but at times an emphasized object is placed at the beginning of the sentence. For example:

Sioned dw i.


dw i Sioned.


Unlike English, Welsh has two words for "you", chi and ti. This is similar to most other modern languages.

Asking a NameEdit

In Welsh, one can ask a name by asking "Who are you?" (Pwy dych chi?).


Lesson 1Edit

  • pwy = who
  • dw i = I am
  • dych chi = you are
  • draig = dragon

Lesson 2Edit

  • Sioned = Sioned
  • Gareth = Gareth
  • sut = how
  • Eleri Lingo = Eleri Lingo
  • wedi blino = tired
  • sori = sorry

Lesson 3Edit

  • diolch = thank you
  • dim diolch = no thank you
  • heddiw = today
  • heno = tonight
  • iawn = ok


Duolingo Lesson:

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