Health is the fortieth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh language tree. It contains three lessons, and teaches words related to health and wellness, with relevant words for pain, fevers, and the flu.

Grammar NotesEdit

Similar to the constructions for having with (gen i, etc.), the constructions for having on have a conjugation as well:

Pronoun On+Pronoun
i arna i
ti arnat ti
chi arnoch chi
e/o arno fe/fo
hi arni hi
ni arnon ni
nhw arnon nhw
Siân (Sean) ar Siân

Use these when talking about having pain, a cold, a flu, etc.


Lesson 1Edit

  • Beth sy'n bod? = What's the matter?
  • arnat ti = on you
  • arnoch chi = on you
  • arni hi = on her
  • arno fe = on him
  • arna i = on me
  • arnon ni = on us
  • arnon nhw = on them

Lesson 2Edit

  • pen tost = headache
  • bola tost = stomachache
  • gwddw tost = sore throat
  • clust dost = earache
  • dost = to be ill
  • arnyn nhw = on them
  • braich dost = sore arm
  • clun dost = sore hip

Lesson 3Edit

  • annwyd = cold
  • peswch = cough
  • ffliw = flu
  • dannoedd = toothache
  • gwres = fever
  • dwedodd e/o/hi = he/she said
  • iechyd = health


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