Imperfect is the forty-eighth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It teaches the imperfect tense and has three lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

This tense uses the past tense of bod, roedd as an auxiliary. It conjugates as follows:

English Complete Welsh Common Welsh
I was Roeddwn i'n Ro'n i'n
You were Roeddet ti'n Ro't ti'n
You were Roeddech chi'n Ro'ch chi'n
He was Roedd e'n/o'n Roedd e'n/o'n
She was Roedd hi'n Roedd hi'n
We were Roedden ni'n Ro'n ni'n
They were Roedden nhw'n Ro'n nhw'n

When using it as a question, remove the r:

English Complete Welsh Common Welsh
Was I Oeddwn i'n O'n i'n
Were you Oeddet ti'n O't ti'n
Were you Oeddech chi'n O'ch chi'n
Was he Oedd e'n/o'n Oedd e'n/o'n
Was she Oedd hi'n Oedd hi'n
Were we Oedden ni'n O'n ni'n
Were they Oedden nhw'n O'n nhw'n

And for negatives, replace the r with a d and add ddim yn:

English Complete Welsh Common Welsh
I wasn't Doeddwn i ddim yn Do'n i ddim
You weren't Doeddet ti ddim yn Do't ti ddim yn
You weren't Doeddech chi ddim yn Do'ch chi ddim yn
He wasn't Doedd e/o ddim yn Doedd e/o ddim yn
She wasn't Doedd hi ddim yn Doedd hi ddim yn
We weren't Doedden ni ddim yn Do'n ni ddim yn
They weren't Doedden nhw ddim yn Do'n nhw ddim yn


Lesson 1Edit

  • arfer = custom, used to
  • o't ti'n = were you
  • o'ch chi'n = were you
  • o'n = Yes I was
  • drws nesa = next door
  • nac o'n = no I wasn't
  • do'n i ddim yn = I wasn't

Lesson 2Edit

  • sbectol = glasses
  • hir = tall
  • roedd e'n/o'n/hi'n = he/she was
  • oedd e'n/o'n/hi'n = was he/she
  • doedd e/o/hi ddim yn = he/she wasn't
  • pan = when
  • do't ti ddim yn = you weren't

Lesson 3Edit

  • dlawd = poor
  • malwod = snails
  • preifat = private
  • arddwr = gardener


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