May I? is the eighteenth (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for Welsh. The skill contains a total of three lessons, and in this skill you will learn about the phrase "May I?", as well as how to say "please" and lenition.

Grammar NotesEdit

Lenition is a fancy word for "consonant softening." This means that the consonant following a vowel in the previous word will be softened so that the sentence flows better. It is a common theme in all Celtic languages, and Welsh is no exception.

The schema for lenition is as follows:

  • t->d
  • c->g
  • p->b
  • b->f
  • g is removed
  • d->dd
  • m->f
  • ll->l
  • rh->r


Lesson 1Edit

  • ga i = may I
  • cei = yes (you may)
  • plîs = please
  • omled = omelette
  • losin = candies, sweets

Lesson 2Edit

  • baned = a cup of tea
  • diod = drink
  • sglodion = fries, chips

Lesson 3Edit

  • os gweli di'n dda = please
  • gerdded = to walk
  • cwestiwn = question
  • gofyn = to ask
  • talu = to pay
  • os gwelwch chi'n dda = please


Duolingo Lesson:

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