Must & Not is the forty-second (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree and it has four lessons. It teaches the word that means "must" or "have to", as well as how to say "must not"

Grammar NotesEdit


Use rhaid with the correct pronoun according to the table below:

Pronoun ...must
i rhaid i fi
ti rhaid i ti
e/o rhaid iddo fe/fo
hi rhaid iddi hi
ni rhaid i ni
chi rhaid i chi
nhw rhaid iddyn nhw

There is always soft mutation after the phrase.

Mae sometimes appears before the phrase; this is used for emphasis.

Do I Have To?Edit

Use the word oes to indicate a question or as "yes" or "no".

Must NotEdit

There are two ways to say this:

  • Does dim = don't have to
  • Beidio â/ag = must not


Lesson 1Edit

  • rhaid i fi = I must
  • rhaid i ti = you must
  • rhaid i chi = you must
  • ennill = to win

Lesson 2Edit

  • rhaid iddo fe = he must
  • rhaid iddi hi = she must
  • rhiad iddyn nhw = they must
  • rhiad i ni = we must
  • arafu = to slow down
  • cwyno = to complain
  • gyrru = to drive
  • yn araf = slowly
  • yn gyflym = quickly

Lesson 3Edit

  • cofio = to remember
  • meddwl = to think
  • adael = to leave
  • ers = since
  • anghofio = to forget
  • amau = to doubt
  • poeni = to worry

Lesson 4Edit

  • oes rhaid i fi... = do I have to...
  • oes = yes, you must
  • nac oes = no, you don't have to
  • does dim rhaid = do not have to
  • dweud = to say
  • symud = to move
  • beidio â/ag = must not


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