Opinions 2 is the forty-seventh (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh language tree. It contains three lessons and teaches subordinate clauses using the phrase "I think that..."

Grammar NotesEdit

"I think that..." introduces the concept of the subordinate clause in Welsh. The word representing "that", bod, will change for each pronoun. Note that the bracketed portion is normally used in formal situations:

English Welsh
that I'm (fy) mod i'n
that you're (dy) fod ti'n
that you're (eich) bod chi'n
that he's (ei) fod o'n/e'n
that she's (ei) bod hi'n
that we're (ein) bod ni'n
that they're (eu) bod nhw'n

This applies to more than just thinking, too. Verbs like gobeithio ("to hope") and siŵr ("sure") use this pattern as well.

The pattern is identical in the imperfect tense as well (more on that in Imperfect)


Lesson 1Edit

  • meddwl bod = to think that
  • barod = ready
  • tiwtor = tutor
  • hwyr = late
  • problem = problem
  • Siân = Siân

Lesson 2Edit

  • dwp = stupid

Lesson 3Edit

  • credu = to believe
  • falle = perhaps
  • siŵr = sure
  • gobeithio = to hope
  • dwedodd e/o/hi = he/she said
  • ro'n i'n = I was (imperfect)


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