Order is the forty-third skill in the Welsh language tree. It teaches how to use the phrases "after" and "before" to lend a sense of time to your Welsh. It has five lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

Ar ôl and cyn are grammatically speaking timeless, so anything following these phrases will be in the present tense regardless of the tense of the remainder of the sentence.

The phrases ar ôl i and cyn i are followed by a object pronoun, who is the person doing the action. The word following the pronoun is also affected by lenition.


Lesson 1Edit

  • dechrau = to start
  • dechreuoch chi = you started
  • symudoch chi = you moved
  • ymddeol = to retire
  • cyn = before
  • ar ôl = after

Lesson 2Edit

  • gorffen = to finish
  • ar ôl i = after
  • cyn i = before
  • cyngor = advice

Lesson 3Edit

No new words.

Lesson 4Edit

  • cawod = shower
  • mis mêl = honeymoon

Lesson 5Edit

  • taflu = to throw
  • colli = to miss


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