Order is the thirty-third skill in the Welsh language tree. It teaches how to use the phrases "after" and "before" to lend a sense of time to your Welsh. It has five lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

Ar ôl and cyn i are grammatically speaking timeless, so anything following these phrases will be in the present tense regardless of the tense of the remainder of the sentence.


Lesson 1Edit

  • dechrau = to start
  • dechreuoch chi = you started
  • symudoch chi = you moved
  • ymddeol = to retire
  • cyn i = before
  • ar ôl = after

Lesson 2Edit

  • orffen = to finish
  • cyngor = advice

Lesson 3Edit

No new words.

Lesson 4Edit

  • cawod = shower

Lesson 5Edit

  • eistedd = to sit
  • dwylo = hands
  • taflu = to throw
  • colli = to miss
  • bws = bus


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