Past: Aux. Gwneud is the fortieth skill (assuming read left to right) in the language tree for Welsh. It has three lessons and teaches how to use the past tense of gwneud as an auxiliary in the simple past.

Grammar NotesEdit

Gwneud can be used as an auxiliary in the simple past tense; this is the second of the two methods mentioned in the previous skill. First, put gwneud in the simple past. It has an irregular past tense:

English Welsh
I made Gwnes i
You made Gwnest ti
He/She made Gwnaeth e/o/hi
We made Gwnaethon ni
You made Gwnaethoch chi
They made Gwnaethon nhw

After this, put the verb-noun for the action that you did. This object will have lenition like all other objects of simple past verbs.

In negatives and questions, the forms above drop their g. Many Welsh speakers won't even pronounce the w at that point either, although it is still written in.


Lesson 1Edit

No new words.

Lesson 2Edit

  • cystadlu = to compete
  • ras = race
  • rasys = races

Lesson 3Edit

  • nofel = novel
  • y...yna = that


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