Past: Dod 1 is the thirtieth (assuming read left to right) skill of the language tree for Welsh, and it has a total of four lessons. It teaches the simple past tense for dod, which is irregular.

Grammar NotesEdit

Dod is irregular in the past tense:

English Welsh
I came Des i
You came Dest ti
He/She came Daeth e/hi
We came Daethon ni
You came Daethoch chi
They came Daethon nhw

Also, as with mynd in the previous skill, many northern and western Welsh speakers will add mi in front of the verb. When you do, there is lenition with the forms for dod (i.e mi ddes i).


Lesson 1Edit

  • des i = I came
  • dest ti = you came
  • daethoch chi = you came
  • yn syth = straight (away)
  • partner = partner
  • dod â/ag = to bring (someone/something) somewhere

Lesson 2Edit

  • arddangosfa = exhibition
  • cyngerdd = concert

Lesson 3Edit

  • mi = particle used in North Welsh with the past tense
  • efo = with

Lesson 4Edit

  • do = yes (I did)
  • naddo = no (I didn't)


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