Past Tense 2 is the twenty-second (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree. The skill has two lessons, and it teaches the regular past tense (as opposed to the simple past tense in Past Tense 1).

Grammar notesEdit

The past tense in Welsh uses a basic ending -es for i and -est for ti. The verb "to go", mynd, is es and est in the past, while the verb "to get", cael, is ges and gest in the past tense. In the North Welsh dialect, the word mi is appended to the start of the sentence in the past tense as well.


Lesson 1Edit

  • es i = I went
  • est ti = you went
  • mi = particle used in North Welsh with the past tense
  • do = I did (yes)
  • naddo = I didn't (no)
  • banc = bank

Lesson 2Edit

  • ges i = I got
  • gest ti = you got
  • uwd = porridge
  • salad = salad
  • beth = what


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