Plans 1 is the forty-fourth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It has a total of two lessons and teaches the future tense in order to describe availability or planned actions.

Grammar NotesEdit

The future tense uses the future tense of bod as an auxiliary (just like in the present tense). It is conjugated for the singular as follows:

English Welsh statement Welsh question Welsh negative
I will Bydda i Fydda i? Fydda i ddim
You will Byddwch chi Fyddwch chi? Fyddwch chi ddim
You will Byddi di Fyddi di? Fyddi di ddim
He/She will Bydd e/o/hi Fydd e/o/hi? Fydd e/o/hi ddim


Lesson 1Edit

  • byddwch chi = you will
  • byddi di = you will
  • gartre = at home
  • rhydd = free
  • ar gael = available
  • gwaith = work

Lesson 2Edit

  • bydda i = I will
  • bydda = Yes, I will
  • nôl = to fetch
  • bydd e/o/hi = he/she will
  • erbyn = by


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