Possession is the twenty-fifth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It has a total of five lessons, and the skill teaches the verb "to have" using gan, as well as some new words.

Grammar NotesEdit

Gan is an preposition meaning "by", just like gyda means "with". However, Welsh people use it to mean "to have" by conjugating it like so:

English Welsh
I have gen (f)i
you have (formal) gen ti
you have (informal) gynnoch chi
he has ganddo/gynno fo/fe
she has ganddi/gynno hi
we have gynnon ni
they have ganddyn nhw

Also, following this phrase, the noun possessed will be affected by lenition:

  • Mae gynno fo gar du = He has a black car ("there is by him a black car")


Lesson 1Edit

  • pensil = pencil
  • trydan = electricity
  • rhif = number
  • rhifau = numbers

Lesson 2Edit

  • gan = by/with (have)
  • gen i = I have
  • gen ti = you have
  • gynno fo = he has
  • gynni hi = she has
  • gardd = garden

Lesson 3Edit

  • ffatri = factory
  • cae = field
  • gynnon ni = we have
  • gynnoch chi = you have
  • ganddyn nhw = they have

Lesson 4Edit

  • oes = is there?
  • nac oes = no (there isn't)
  • ceffyl = horse

Lesson 5Edit

  • does dim = there isn't
  • argraffydd = printer
  • carafán = caravan


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