Prefer is the fifty-first skill in the Welsh language tree. It has four lessons and teaches how to show your preference for- or dislike of- something. You will also understand how to describe something as your favorite thing as well.


Lesson 1Edit

  • mae'n well gyda fi/gen i = I prefer
  • na = than
  • mae'n gas gyda fi/gen i = hate
  • huffed = cream

Lesson 2Edit

  • bwydo = to feed
  • siopa = to shop
  • case = to hate
  • fy nghas beth = my most hated thing
  • fy hoff beth = my favorite thing

Lesson 3Edit

  • hoff = favorite
  • bwyd = food
  • beth = thing
  • llysieuol = herbal, vegetarian
  • figanaidd = vegan

Lesson 4Edit

  • pa fath o = what kind of
  • comedi = comedy


Duolingo Lesson:

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