Present Tense 2 is the sixth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree. It has three lessons and it's major focus is teaching a variety of other verbs in the present tense, using the same construction introduced in Present Tense 1.

Grammar NotesEdit

Remember that Dw i'n... is required to form a present tense verb besides "to want."

You can also have multiple verbs this way; for example:

  • Nac ydw, dw I ddim yn hoffi gwneud cinio. (No, I don't like to make dinner.)


Lesson 1Edit

  • te = tea
  • cwrw = beer
  • dŵr = water
  • yfed = to drink
  • hefyd = too, also

Lesson 2Edit

  • bwyta = to eat
  • cig = meat
  • caws = cheese
  • menyn = butter
  • llysiau = vegetables
  • mefus = strawberries
  • bara = bread

Lesson 3Edit

  • gwneud = to make
  • brecwast = breakfast
  • nofio = to swim
  • smwddio = to iron
  • cinio = dinner
  • swper = supper
  • yma = here
  • cerdded = to walk


Duolingo Lesson:

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