Revision 3 is the forty-sixth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh. It teaches how to describe writing to someone, whether with a pen and paper or on a computer. It has two lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

At is a preposition meaning to someone or something. It conjugates, like many other prepositions, as follows:

Welsh pronoun Conjugation
i ata(f) i
chi ataoch chi
ti atat ti
hi ati hi
e/o ato fe/fo
Sioned at Sioned
ni aton/atom ni
nhw atyn nhw


Lesson 1Edit

  • ysgrifennu = to write
  • darllen = to read
  • tipyn bach o = a little bit of
  • teipio = to type
  • gliniadur = laptop
  • cyfrifiadur = computer
  • ysgrifennodd e/o/hi = he/she wrote

Lesson 2Edit

  • cyngerdd = concert
  • digwyddiad = event
  • at = to
  • ato fe/fo = to him
  • ati hi = to her
  • llythyr = letter
  • ata i = to me


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