Revision 5 is the seventy-second (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh language tree. It contains three lessons that pull together earlier concepts, along with a few new words.

Skill NotesEdit

Completing everything up to this skill would be the equivalent of completing Cwrs Sylfaen, the main Welsh course available in Britain[1].


Lesson 1Edit

  • styfnig = stubborn
  • blewog = hairy
  • plentynnaidd = childish
  • gwleidyddol = political

Lesson 2Edit

  • heddychlon = peaceful
  • meddylgar = thoughtful
  • doeth = wise
  • llon = cheerful
  • ymosodol = aggressive

Lesson 3Edit

  • dechreuais i = I started
  • perthynas = relationship



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