Science is the ninety-sixth (assuming read left to right) skill in the language tree for Welsh and has four lessons. These lessons are about the sciences, including topics from astronomy, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Cultural Notes[1]Edit

There have been a large number of Welsh scientists throughout the history of the country:

  • Isaac Roberts was the first to discover that the Andromeda Nebula (now a galaxy) was spiral in shape.
  • Alfred Russell Wallace helped Charles Darwin with refining his idea of natural selection and even published an essay on it a year before Darwin did.
  • David Edward Hughes invented the modern microphone.
  • Edward George Bowen was one of the developers of radar in the 1940's.
  • Donald Davies was the inventor of computer packet-switching, a key component that paved the way for the modern Internet.
  • Robert Recorde and William Jones came up with the modern symbols for the mathematical constant pi, the plus sign (+) and the equals sign (=).
  • Bill Frost of Pembrokeshire might have invented powered flight before the Wright brothers in 1896.
  • Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones came up with the idea of a "mail-order business" which gave rise to the modern "internet shopping" phenomenon
  • David Thomas came up with the idea of smelting iron ore and anthracite coal to make anthracite iron, an important component of Industrial Revolution-era machines.


Lesson 1Edit

  • bioleg = biology
  • ffiseg = physics
  • cemeg = chemistry
  • seryddiaeth = astronomy
  • astudio = to study
  • planedau = planets
  • elfen = element
  • labordy = laboratory

Lesson 2Edit

  • elfennau = elements
  • hydrogen = hydrogen
  • ocsigen = oxygen
  • carbon = carbon
  • llosgydd bunsen = Bunsen burner
  • silindr mesur = measuring cylinder
  • arbrawf = experiment
  • llosgi = to burn
  • adweithio = to react

Lesson 3Edit

  • trydan = electricity
  • disgyrchiant = gravity
  • nwyon = gases
  • ymbelydredd = radiation
  • twll du = black hole
  • tymheredd = temperature
  • tŷ gwydr = greenhouse
  • effaith = effect
  • peryglus = dangerous

Lesson 4Edit

  • esblygiad = evolution
  • bywyd = life
  • amgylchedd = environment
  • ffisioleg = physiology
  • celloedd = cells



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