The is the seventh (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree. This skill teaches the word "the" in Welsh, and only has two lessons.

Grammar NotesEdit

Welsh has three words for "the," but they all have different contexts:

  • yr is used before vowels, which includes "y," "h," and "w."
  • y is used before consonants (except for the above).
  • r is used just after a vowel in the previous word, regardless of whether the next letter is a vowel or consonant. It is appended to the previous word with an apostrophe.


Lesson 1Edit

  • y = the
  • yr = the
  • 'r = the

Lesson 2Edit

  • tre = town
  • llawr = floor
  • nenfwd = ceiling
  • wal = wall
  • peintio = to paint
  • llong = ship


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