Wanting 2 is the fifteenth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree, and the successor to Wanting 1. It has four lessons that teach the remaining personal pronouns and the entire conjugation of "to be" and "to do" in Welsh, along with a few new vocabulary words.

Grammar NotesEdit


The full present tense conjugation of "to be" and "to do" are:

Welsh Pronoun(s) To Be To Do Negative (Both)
i (ry)dw (y)dw (dy)dw
chi (ry)dych (y)dych (dy)dych
e (o) mae ydy dydy
hi mae ydy dydy
ni (ry)dyn ydyn (dy)dyn
ti rwyt wyt dwyt
nhw maen ydyn (dy)dyn


To form a question, you use the verb "to do" rather than "to be."

Yes or NoEdit

To say "yes" or "no", use just the conjugation.


Lesson 1Edit

  • mae e = he is
  • rwyt ti = you are (singular)
  • maen nhw = they are
  • mae hi = she is
  • dyn ni = we are

Lesson 2Edit

  • mae'r = it is
  • adre = home
  • gweld = to see
  • wyt = yes (you sing.)
  • gwin = wine
  • ydy = yes (he/she)
  • lemonêd = lemonade

Lesson 3Edit

  • dydy he/she isn't
  • nac ydy = no (he/she)
  • ydyn = yes (we)
  • nac ydyn = no (we)
  • dwyt = you aren't (sing.)

Lesson 4Edit

  • pannas = parsnips
  • blodfresych = cauliflower
  • treiffl = trifle
  • sudd afal = apple juice
  • cylchgrawn = magazine


Duolingo Lesson:

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