Possession: Gyda is the twenty-fourth (assuming read left to right) skill of the Welsh language tree. It has five lessons that teach how to describe "to have" with gyda, along with a few new vocabulary words.

Grammar NotesEdit

Welsh does not have a verb for "to have"; instead, a roundabout expression is used. In this skill, you are introduced to the slightly more common expression that uses gyda. The phrases roughly translate to "there is/are X by/with X".

Because this is a "there is/are" expression, oes and does are the question and negative forms, respectively.


Lesson 1Edit

  • bwthyn = cottage
  • arian = money
  • lwcus = lucky
  • cathod = cats

Lesson 2Edit

  • ffôn = phone
  • gyda = by/with
  • fi = me
  • fe/fo = him

Lesson 3Edit

  • jiráff = giraffe
  • brechdan = sandwich
  • cloch = bell

Lesson 4Edit

  • oes = is there?
  • nac oes = no (there isn't)
  • telyn = harp
  • ar hyn o bryd = at the moment
  • geiriadur = dictionary

Lesson 5Edit

  • does dim = there is/are not
  • ysbyty = hospital
  • ysbytai = hospitals


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