Welsh is the eighth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh course. It has a total of two lessons, and it teaches words for professions, as well as how to use the two kinds of "in" in Welsh.

Grammar NotesEdit

I do thatEdit

When you are saying what you do for a living, the form "job dw i." is the most common.


Jobs are the perfect example of words that change depending on the gender of the person. You'll see this with actor/actores, but it also happens with jobs ending in wr/wraig (the first one is masculine and the second is feminine).


These are the two different words for "in" mentioned earlier. Mewn is used in a nonspecific sense and yn is for specific places. For example, I am mewn a store, but I am yn Cardiff. Yn is also the only one used if you are in the whatever, no matter how specific it is.


Lesson 1Edit

  • actor = actor
  • actores = actress
  • ffermwr = farmer
  • nyrs = nurse
  • meddyg = doctor
  • heddwas = police officer
  • mecanic = mechanic
  • athro/athrawes = teacher

Lesson 2Edit

  • drama = play
  • theatr = theater
  • gweithio = to work
  • mewn = in
  • swyddfa = office
  • garej = garage
  • ysgol = school
  • siop = shop
  • Gymraeg = Welsh


Duolingo Lesson:

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