Welsh is the sixth (assuming read left to right) skill in the Welsh course. It has a total of four lessons, and it teaches words for professions, as well as how to use the two kinds of "in" in Welsh.

Grammar NotesEdit

I do thatEdit

When you are saying what you do for a living, the form "job dw i." is the only acceptable way.


Jobs are the perfect example of words that change depending on the gender of the person. You'll see this with actor/actores, but it also happens with jobs ending in wr/wraig (the first one is masculine and the second is feminine).


These are the two different words for "in" mentioned earlier. Mewn is used in a nonspecific sense and yn is for specific places. For example, I am mewn a store, but I am yn Cardiff. Yn is also the only one used if you are in the whatever, no matter how specific it is.


Lesson 1Edit

  • actor = actor
  • ffermwr = farmer
  • nyrs = nurse
  • meddyg = doctor
  • mecanic = mechanic
  • athro = teacher (male)
  • athrawes = teacher (female)

Lesson 2Edit

  • gweithio = to work
  • mewn = in
  • swyddfa = office
  • garej = garage
  • ysgol = school
  • siop = shop
  • fel = like

Lesson 3Edit

  • trydanwr = electrician
  • theatr = theater
  • heddwas = police officer
  • drama = play
  • gwraig tŷ = housewife
  • gŵr tŷ = houseman
  • siopwr = shopper

Lesson 4Edit

  • ar fferm = on a farm
  • di-waith = unemployed
  • actores = actress
  • ysgrifennydd = secretary (male)
  • ysgrifenyddes = secretary (female)
  • Cymraeg/Gymraeg = Welsh


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