Would Do is the sixty-fourth skill in the language tree for Welsh. It contains a total of five lessons and uses the conditional tense to teach new vocabulary related to something someone "would do."

Grammar NotesEdit

If I were not to...Edit

If the conditional tense is used to describe an unlikely event, this can be indicated by changing the first letter of baswn to a t.

  • Taswn i mynd i'r parti, baswn i'n hapus iawn. = If I were to go to the party [as I likely would not], I would be very happy.

Os is unnecessary in these kinds of sentences.


Lesson 1Edit

  • tasai = if he/she were to
  • garddio = to garden
  • mwy = more

Lesson 2Edit

  • taswn i = if I were to
  • damwain = accident
  • teithio = to travel
  • trïo = to try

Lesson 3Edit

  • llais = voice
  • syniad = idea
  • dim ots gyda fi = it doesn't matter to me
  • tasen ni = if we were to

Lesson 4Edit

  • feichiog = pregnant
  • cyrsiau = courses
  • disgwyl babi = to expect a baby
  • garlleg = garlic
  • madarch = mushrooms

Lesson 5Edit

  • cacen gaws = cheesecake
  • hufen iâ = ice cream
  • colli pwysau = to lose weight
  • letys = lettuce
  • ceisio = to try


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